Champagne Showers

Is it just me, or is it getting a little ridiculous watching grown men who earn millions of dollars playing a child’s game giving each other a champagne shower just because they earned a playoff berth as a wild-card team in Major League Baseball?  I understand it was quite an accomplishment for the Tampa Bay Rays to overcome a nine-game lead in the final month of the season to catch the Boston Red Sox, even coming back from a seven-run deficit against the New York Yankees in the final game of the season, but they have yet to win anything.

If the Rays are fortunate enough to win the World Series, they will give themselves four different champagne showers, one for clinching a playoff berth, one for winning the division series, one for winning the league championship and the fourth for winning the Series.

America has become a nation that gives trophies to every participant, no matter how deserving.  It no longer matters if you win or how you play the game, let’s give everyone a trophy.  Our excessive celebrations for every minute event have gotten out of hand.  Let’s save our celebrations for solving world hunger and bringing peace throughout the land.

Steven H. Spring