An Ode To Facebook

Five long years ago…
Watching you strut your stuff.
Walking down the municipal court hallway,
My first thought was, WOW!  Did I ever fuck up!

Then yesterday I saw a picture of you on Facebook,
Standing right there next to my daughter.
I did not recognize who it was I was looking at,
Even after taking one more very long look.

It took me awhile to believe it was actually you,
It was like looking at a total stranger.
However, it said so right there in the caption.
My thoughts were…MAN, what the fuck happened?

Five long years ago, you were oh so hot!
But then on Facebook, most likely not!
Your clothes, your ‘do, you were then oh so bold,
But looking at you on Facebook now, you just plain look old!

Seeing is believing is what they always seem to say,
That my be true, be it as it may.
I just couldn’t get it through my head,
I didn’t want to believe it, no matter what it said.

The only thing missing was the grey,
It’s probably there, you just dye it.
Now days,  it’s so hard to gauge,
I guess that it’s to be expected, especially someone of your age!

I know I ain’t no spring chicken,
I myself am looking kinda old.
However, I’m a long way from being dead.
I may be losing my hair, but I’m getting more head.

Steven H. Spring